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Jobs4TN for Employers

YouTube video: Creating an Employer Account (1:13)
Learn how to create your employer account to complete system registration. This will enable you to take full advantage of system resources, such as posting job orders and searching for candidate resumes.

You May Manually Search for Candidates

  • Select a desired search geography
  • Identify the resume search options available
  • Select desired search criteria within each position
  • Utilize search result options

Jobs4TN Learning Center video: Candidate Résumé Search
Learn how to conduct a resume search to find suitable candidates. The video demonstrates the various search options available and how to manage search results.

You May Let the Virtual Recruiter Send You Candidates

A virtual recruiter feature can refer applicants to you automatically. From the home page, the employer selects “Looking for Employees” under Business Solutions, then “Candidate Search.” After the employer chooses criteria, the system displays candidates that match. At that point the employer can view résumés, and the system asks if he wants to save the résumé search; doing so triggers the Virtual Recruiter feature. The employer specifies how often he wishes to be contacted – e.g., once a day, once a week – and he will be sent résumés that match his job search at those intervals. Give it a try.

Jobs4TN Learning Center video: Virtual Recruiter for Employers
Learn how the system automatically searches for resumes based on your desired criteria. When it finds a match, the system will create a notification alert using your preferred method(s) of contact.

Tell Us What You Think

We are dedicated to improving jobs4TN for our employer community by enhancing its user-friendliness. Your feedback is crucial for us to customize our platform and better cater to your hiring needs. Click here to take our jobs4TN survey or use the form at the bottom of this page.

Job Posting Assistance Is Available

If you are hiring and need technical assistance with posting jobs into the system, please contact the American Job Center nearest you.

Screening & Recruitment Services

Tennessee American Job Centers can help you identify, attract and select the best-qualified candidates for your current workforce needs. For assistance with our services below, contact an American Job Center.

  • Customized Hiring Events - Meet qualified candidates at an event tailored to your company’s needs.
  • Job Fairs - Join other employers at larger recruiting events.
  • Applicant Screening - Assistance with the process of resume review and candidate assessment.
  • Assessments - Measure skills, interests and/or job fit for candidates from over 1,200 individual assessments.
  • Event & Meeting Room Space - Meeting and training rooms available to businesses for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to, meetings, trainings, orientations, and interviewing.

Mobile American Job Centers

The Mobile American Job Centers, formerly known as Careers Coaches, are units operated by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. There are three vehicles, one in each grand division of the state, delivering job placement services. With the broadband Internet and ten computer workstations, the units are perfect for job placement and training efforts. Learn more about Mobile American Job Centers and book the bus for your upcoming hiring events.

Looking for Seasonal Farm Workers?

Many migrant farmworkers travel to Tennessee each year to help with the cultivating and harvesting of several crops in specific regions of the state. Through our Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker (MSFW) Program, we help farmworkers and the employers who hire them.

Layoff or Closure Assistance Services

Planning a layoff or closure? Tennessee American Job Centers offer services to help employers deal with the effects of layoffs and plant closure, including those that result from increased competition from imports, natural disasters, and other events. Our Rapid Response Team coordinates services and provides assistance to companies and their affected workers. 

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