Report an Accident

Report the Accident to the State

It is the further duty of every owner, lessee of any coal lands, superintendent, or foreman to report the facts in the following cases promptly, to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development

  1. Any change in the name of any mine or any owner, agent, manager, superintendent, foreman (including, in the case of commercial coal mines, any change in assistant foreman or the officers of any company) which owns and operates a mine in this state;
  2. Any working commenced for the purpose of opening a new shaft, slope, or mine;
  3. Where any mine is abandoned or the working thereof is discontinued indefinitely;
  4. Where the working of any mine is recommenced after any abandonment or discontinuance for a period of two (2) months;
  5. Every lost-time accident in a mine other than a commercial coal mine, whether it results in death or not; and
  6. Every accident of any nature to a person in a commercial coal mine, whether it results in death or not (Tenn. Code Ann. §59-4-401).

Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has additional accident reporting requirements. Please see the MSHA website for additional information.


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