Report an Amusement Device Accident

1 | Cease Operation of Device

The operator of an amusement device must immediately cease to operate any amusement device upon which a fatality, serious physical injury, or serious incident has occurred. 

2 | Report the Accident to the State

An amusement device owner must report any accident involving a fatality, serious physical injury, or serious incident resulting from the operation of an amusement device to the Amusement Device Unit in writing within 24 hours of the accident.

3 | Set up an Immediate Inspection

Contact a qualified inspector to conduct an inspection within 24 hours of the accident. 

4 | Resume Operation after Authorization

The cessation will remain in force until an inspection has been performed by a qualified inspector, the inspector has determined that the amusement device or related equipment meets ASTM/ACCT or other approved industry standards in Tennessee, and the Amusement Device Unit has been properly notified.
The company may not resume operation until properly authorized by the Amusement Device Unit. 

Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-121-118

Emergency Contact

Mike Hardy, Amusement Device Manager
(615) 426-0497


Safety Compliance Officers

Kevin Klutts (West)
(731) 693-0687


Jennifer Murphy (Central)
(615) 866-8509

John Tarpley (East)
(865) 318-1780

Contact Us

Amusement Device Unit
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