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H306: TEMA HAZMAT Operations Level Course

H306 TEMA Hazardous Materials Operations Level Course                                       40 Hours

This course covers the basic operating procedures for first responders and teaches a systematic response to hazardous material incidents. The curriculum defines hazardous materials, describes the roles, responsibilities and risks associated with an incident. The curriculum addresses the types, uses and sources of information needed to identify hazards, as well as the basic options, requirements and limitations of methods used to control, contain or confine a hazmat incident.  The course is written to the NFPA 472 and OSHA 1910.120 standards.

TLETA POST Certified

Prerequisites: H218 TEMA Hazmat Awareness level, IS3 (RAD), IS100, IS200, IS700, IS800 and SCBA qualified.

Prerequisite Reciprocity: Either one of the following Tennessee Fire Service and Code Enforcement Academy’s (TFACA) hazardous materials courses are considered equivalent to the TEMA Hazardous Materials for Operational Level Response course: Recruit/Firefighter I – F100 (400hrs) course (NFPA 2008) and Hazardous Materials Operations Level Hands-On– FF171 (32hrs) course (NFPA 2008)