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HazMat Operations Level Course

This 40-hour resident course covers the basic operating procedures for first responder that teaches a systematic response to hazardous material incidents. The curriculum defines hazardous materials, and describes the roles, responsibilities and risks associated with a incident. It also describes the types, uses and sources of information needed to identify hazards, as well as the basic options, requirements and limitations of methods used to control, contain or confine a hazmat incident. Students will participate in hands-on instruction and participate in group activities during the course. A written exam is given at the end of the course.

Target audience: Primary – Fire Fighters - Law Enforcement - EMS

Prerequisites: IS 700, IS 800, IS 100, IS 200 (FEMA On-line courses),  TEMA HazMat Awareness, IS-3 (RAD), TEMA Radiological Monitoring (8hr) or the MERRTT 16 hr. course, and SCBA qualified. Students need to bring Air Pack & Full Air Tank to the course. Students who successfully complete this course will have met the standards under OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 and NFPA 472 (2013).

Secondary: All other emergency response organizations