Emergency Management Planning

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The Planning Branch of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) is the Core element of all the Preparedness activities conducted by the Agency. Whether it is Field Operations, Mutual Aid Deployment, Out-of-state response through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), Hazardous Materials response. training, exercises, Fixed Nuclear Facilities or Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP); everything revolves around the writing and executing of a Plan. The Planning Division of TEMA Preparedness produces, creates and revises 24 major Planning documents which guide the entire daily operations of the Agency. There exists another 60 related supporting planning documents which are annexes or guidance documents that are produced and revised by the Planning group of TEMA on a regular schedule. Most of these Plans can be found in TEMA’s on-line Planning library and are available to be used by Federal, State, Local and Emergency Managers. 

An important and vital function of the TEMA planning team is providing emergency and preparedness planning guidance and assistance to all State government Departments and Agencies. The team is the creator and protector of the Tennessee Emergency Management Plan (TEMP) which is the living document which organizes and sets duties and responsibilities for all emergency operations during emergency operations throughout the state. This designation of TEMA as the developer of the TEMP is created by the Tennessee Code Annotated. The TEMP also sets guidance for the development of Local jurisdiction emergency plans known as the County Basic Emergency Operations Plan (BEOP) and requires TEMA to work closely with Local responders to ensure that National and State Incident Command standards and guides are embedded in all their local operations and deployment plans. The TEMA planning group also assists local counties with development and certification of their county mitigation plans so that they can become eligible to receive federal recovery funding for their community and citizens following disasters.

TEMA planning is a key partner with Regional and National Federal Agencies and Military organizations in preparing to deploy and recover from major disasters. TEMA planning also reaches out to partner with many state-wide and national Private Sector businesses and industries who provide major personnel and resources to disaster events. Non-Governmental Organizations (such as the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and the Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD) also work closely with TEMA Planning to ensure that all response and recovery activities are coordinated so that they are cost-beneficial and correctly organized to benefit the disaster survivors.    

County and City Basic Emergency Operations Plan (BEOP) Status Dashboard

Program Contacts:

Trip Voss | Planning Branch Administrator                                                                     john.voss@tn.gov

Kimberly Kassander | Regional Planning Manager                                                    kimberly.kassander@tn.gov                     

| Continuity and Risk Planning Specialist                                                   

Zane Kennedy | All-Hazards Planning Specialist                                                           zane.kennedy@tn.gov

Andy Isbell | West Region Planner                                                                                    thomas.isbell@tn.gov                                                                           

Autumn Joanow| Middle Region Planner                                                                       autumn.joanow@tn.gov

Michelle Klein | East Region Planner                                                                               michelle.r.klein@tn.gov 

Jonathan Carrier | Southeast Region Planner                                                              jonathan.carrier@tn.gov