Tennessee Threats

Naturally occurring atmospheric, geologic, hydrologic, and seismic hazards occur throughout the State of Tennessee (TN) threatening damage to property and exposing  citizens to risk of injury or death. 

TEMA's core mission is to protect the public from disasters and emergencies. 

In fulfillment of this mission, TEMA maintains a state hazard mitigation plan, available here, incorporating all hazards that could adversely affect our citizens and property. 

Included in this website section are profiles of the 13 hazards of greatest risk to Tennesseeans.

These 13 Tennessee Threats include hazards related to:  Drought, Earthquake, Extreme Temperatures, Wildfire, Flood, Geologic, Severe Weather, Tornado, Communicable Disease, Dam/levee Failure, Hazardous Material Release, Terrorism, and Critical Infrastructure.

The profiles include hazard descriptions, actions citizens can take to protect their lives, families, communities, and properties, and key terms related to the hazards with which to be familiar.