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Personnel who meet the qualifications outlined in the "Job Descriptions" must submit an application through the State of Tennessee's Dept. of Human Resources.  A search can be performed online at Tennessee's Department of Human Resources - Job Opportunities to find specific job titles and their descriptions. Positions must be "open" or advertised before an applicant can apply.

TEMA advertises for new employees using services of the Tennessee Department of Human Resources (DOHR).

Job descriptions displayed here are summaries and do not include all possible tasks required for the identified position. These positions will close at 11:59 pm CST on Tuesday, May 21, 2019.

Currently there are no open positions at Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.

How To Apply:

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), as an agency of the State of Tennessee government, hires its employees through the Tennessee Department of Human Resources. Prospective applicants must apply through DOHR to be placed on a state register for the position.

State Register 
Personnel, who apply for a state position, must submit an application through the DOHR website located at Follow the links to find the state on-line application. You can also access information about all state job class titles in the State of Tennessee’s classification system. If you wish to view information about “available jobs” for which applications are currently being accepted, follow the “Search Job Openings” link. For each job classification you apply for, your application will be evaluated to determine whether you meet the minimum qualifications required. A score is calculated for you based on a rating of your education and work experience. You will be notified of your rating score within a few weeks following the submission of your application. If DOHR deems you qualified and you receive a “rating score,” your name is placed on a list of eligible applicants for that job title. TEMA pulls this list of eligible applicants when filling a Career Service position vacancy. Position vacancies must be filled from among the top five eligible applicants who interview and are willing to accept the position.

Employment The hiring supervisor is responsible for notifying applicants who have been selected for employment regarding when and where to report for in-processing.

FEMA Local Hires

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)  has an immediate need to employ residents of Tennessee as temporary, local hires to assist with disaster response and recovery efforts.  Local hire employees are local residents who aid in the recovery of the community and help their fellow citizens in the recovery process. Apply for this exciting opportunity!

Click here to visit the application for the Planning Specialist position

Click here to visit the application for the Site Inspector Specialist position

Click here to visit the application for the Logistics Specialist position

Click here to vsit the application for the Historic Preservation Specialist position


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