Team Development

Welcome to the Team Development informational page for the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.

The goal of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency Team Development Program is to support emergency and disaster operations by focusing our efforts on capability expansion and developing teams in support of our locals, regions, and the state.   To best achieve a capability enhancement that will serve our locals in all phases of emergency management, we are implementing the following objectives:

  • To provide a credentialing/accreditation process for special operations/technical rescue teams
  • To provide Search and Rescue (SAR) training and program development to support SAR missions
  • To actively support the development of All Hazards Incident Management Teams 
  • To actively support the development of Emergency Management Support Teams
  • To actively support and provide a road map for the development of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) programs

Over the course of the next year, please keep an eye on this page for additional team development initiatives, links, and program addition.

For program specific or team specific information, please follow the links below: