Professional Services Division

Professional Services Division
James K. Polk Building, 5th Floor
505 Deaderick St. Nashville, TN 37243
c. 615.568.1468

Chad Schulhauser

Chad Schulhauser, P.E. | Director

The Professional Services Division sets the vision, strategic direction, policy, and tactical application of TDOT’s professional services objectives to ensure the department's Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) is consistent with the Brooks Act.  The types of services designated as professional services include engineering; alternative contracting; surveying and mapping; architecture; landscape architecture; planning; right of way acquisition and management; construction engineering and inspection (CE&I); and others. The division procures services under the authority and guidance of federal and state laws, regulations, and rules.

The Professional Services Division works collaboratively with the other TDOT Divisions and Regions as well as external stakeholders and professional consultants to provide the needed professional services department-wide.  This work supports the strategic direction and goals of the department to set targeted investment expenditures and performance goals that meet or exceed the expected life cycle targets set for TDOT’s infrastructure assets.