Tennessee Highway Patrol Partners With KultureCity

THP Becomes the First Law Enforcement Agency in Tennessee to Train & Become Sensory-Inclusive
Wednesday, April 13, 2022 | 02:59pm

NASHVILLE --- The Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) has partnered with KultureCity, making THP the second state law enforcement agency in the United States, and the first law enforcement agency in Tennessee, to have all road troopers trained to be sensory-inclusive.

KultureCity is a non-profit organization known for utilizing resources to transform and affect change in the community for individuals with sensory needs. Training focuses on four factors when interacting with individuals with sensory needs:

• The importance of empathy towards someone with a sensory need and how common these needs are in society today.

• What to do when engaging with someone who has a sensory need, and how to recognize the need.

• Strategies that can be used to help individuals with sensory needs to adapt to a situation that may be overwhelming.

• How best to resolve the interaction and situation in a positive way.

“I am excited and proud of the Tennessee Highway Patrol for partnering with KultureCity to better train and understand individuals with sensory needs,” said Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner Jeff Long. “We want everyone to feel safe traveling the highways of Tennessee.”

Every road trooper will receive a sensory bag that contains items to help lessen sensory overload and help troopers engage individuals with sensory needs. The sensory bags are designed to help manage sensory needs in both adults and children. The items in the bag can be easily cleaned and sterilized for multiple uses. Additionally, every road trooper will have a decal on their patrol vehicle to indicate to the public the trooper has sensory training.

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security’s mission is to serve, secure, and protect the people of Tennessee.