Penalties for Violations and Removal of STOP

Penalties for Violations

A conviction for failure to provide evidence of financial responsibility will be a Class C misdemeanor punishable only by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars ($300.00) and the potential for your vehicle to be towed. Also, once the State is notified of a conviction, the violator's driver license will be suspended.

Removal of STOP on Vehicle Registration

If a STOP has been placed against your vehicle file for failure to provide evidence of financial responsibility under 55-12-139 before you can renew your registration, you will need to reinstate you driving privileges if suspended by meeting all requirements necessary for reinstatement. If the STOP was because of a dismissal under T.C.A. 55-12-140 for submitting evidence of financial responsibility prior to the court's disposition, then you will need to submit proof of Financial Responsibility again before renewing your registration.

Mailto: Financial Responsibility Division
Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security
PO BOX 945
Nashville, TN 37202

- OR -

Fax: (615) 253-2094

You will need to contact a reinstatement agent at 1-866-903-7357 to verify receipt of the proof and then allow three (3) days for the STOP to be removed from the vehicle.