Medical Equipment

The Health Facilities Commission is responsible for maintaining a Medical Equipment Registry which includes registration of major medical equipment and their utilizations. Per TCA 68-11-1607(i): "The owners of the following types of equipment shall register such equipment with the health services and development agency; computed axial tomographers, lithotripters, magnetic resonance imagers, linear accelerators, and positron emission tomography." It goes on to say, "all such equipment shall be on an annual inventory survey developed by the agency. The survey shall include but not limited to the identification of the equipment and utilization data according to source of payment."

The Medical Equipment Registry has been in existence since 2002. It contains all CT scanners, cyberknife, gamma knife, linear accelerators, lithotripters, MRI's, PET scanners, and proton therapy units that are operational in the state. It also contains their calendar year utilizations by payor source and by patient origin. The medical equipment registrations and their utilizations are reported during the first three months of the year.

Due to Public Chapter 1043, effective July 2016, lithotripters were no longer required to be registered into the medical equipment registry.


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