HFC Staff

Executive Director:  Logan Grant Logan.Grant@tn.gov 615-741-2364
Senior Policy Advisor to the Executive Director Katie Thomas katie.thomas@tn.gov 615-532-6222
Administration 502 Deadrick Street, Andrew Jackson Building, 9th Floor, Nashville, TN 37243    
Director of Administration: John Carr john.carr@tn.gov 615-741-2364
Executive Administrative Assistant: Consuelo Baker consuelo.l.baker@tn.gov 615-741-2364
Contracts Manager: Jennifer Richardson jennifer.b.richardson@tn.gov 615-741-2364
Fiscal Director: Alicia Grice Alicia.r.grice@tn.gov 615-741-2364
Human Resources Kimberly Stein Kimberly.A.Stein@tn.gov 615-770-0492
Office Manager Lowavia Eden-Hoback lowavia.eden-hoback@tn.gov 615-741-2364
Revenue Officer Jennifer Richardson jennifer.b.richardson@tn.gov 615-979-7382
IT Director Jeff McGranahan jeffrey.mcgranahan@tn.gov 615-741-2364
Statistical and Special Reports      
Data and Analysis Administrator: Alecia Craighead alecia.l.craighead@tn.gov 615-253-2782
Statistical Research Specialist Joel Clinton joel.c.clinton@tn.gov 615-532-7537
Certificate of Need Program      
Director of Certificate of Need Program Phillip Earhart phillip.m.earhart@tn.gov 615-741-2364
Examiner: Thomas Pitt thomas.p.pitt@tn.gov 615-741-2364
Licensure and Regulation 665 Mainstream Drive, 2nd Floor, Nashville, TN 37243    
Director:   Caroline Tippens caroline.tippens@tn.gov 615-741-7532
Deputy Director: Ann Reed ann.r.reed@tn.gov 615-532-6595
Office Administrator: Keri Brooks keri.brooks@tn.gov 615-253-5655
Board Administrator: Wanda Hines wanda.e.hines@tn.gov 615-741-7586
CLIA Program Manager: 
Tracy Mclemore tracy.mclemore@tn.gov 615-741-7034
Complaint Intake Unit and IDR Coordinator: Janet Bryant janet.bryant@tn.gov 615-741-7221
Facilities Construction Director: Craig Parisher craig.l.parisher@tn.gov 615-253-5304
Fire and Building Code Inspector Manager: Colby Henson colby.henson@tn.gov 615-806-4798
Licensure:  Niraj Soni niraj.soni@tn.gov 615-741-7539
Nurse Aide Program: 
Teri James teri.james@tn.gov 615-253-6085
General Counsel:   Jim Christoffersen jim.christoffersen@tn.gov 615-741-2364
Deputy General Counsel Nathan Flinchbaugh nathaniel.r.flinchbaugh@tn.gov 615-741-2364
Senior Associate General Counsel Jeremy Gourley jeremy.j.gourley@tn.gov 615-741-2364
Associate Counsel Vishan Ramcharan vishan.j.ramcharan@tn.gov 615-741-2364
CMP Reinvestment Program      
Director: Shaquallah Shanks shaquallah.s.shanks@tn.gov 615-741-2364
Trauma Care Advisory Council      
Manager:   Rob Seesholtz robert.seesholtz@tn.gov 615-741-7208
Regional Offices      
East Tennessee Regional Office 7175 Strawberry Plains Pike, Suite 103, Knoxville, TN 37914    
East TN Office Administrator Debra Verna Debra.Verna@tn.gov 615-741-7221
Middle Tennessee Regional Office 665 Mainstream Drive, Nashville, TN 37243   615-253-4483
Middle TN Office Administrator Gail Lanigan Gail.Lanigan@tn.gov 731-984-9684
West Tennessee Regional Office 295 Summar Drive, Jackson TN, 38301   731-984-9684
West TN Office Administrator:   Kathy Zeigler Kathy.Zeigler@tn.gov 731-984-9711