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Projects Requiring Designers

Designers interested in a project listed below must follow these steps:

1.  Visit the website of the Office of the State Architect to become familiar with the latest edition of the Designer Selection Process.

2.  Register with the Office of the State Architect. All designers must be registered and update their registration annually in December.  Click on Register and choose the option "Update My Registration" and follow the directions to review and update.

3.  Click the link in the table for the project description in which you have interest (see list below).

4.  Complete the Designer Letter of Interest Form (LOI) attached to the specific project announcement.

5.  Email the completed Designer Letter of Interest (LOI) or Designer Request for Qualification (DRFQ) Form to, by the date and time listed on the Project Announcement.  Failure to strictly comply with the immediately preceding sentence will result in your LOI being considered non-responsive.

6.  Questions regarding a specific project should be emailed to

General Information:

1.  Questions will be answered, as deemed appropriate by the State, in writing via addendum to all designers who have submitted a letter of interest and posted on the website.  No oral responses will be considered official.

2.  Any dates listed in the Project Announcement, other than the Submittal Deadline date, are for reference only and are not a commitment to an actual schedule.

Available Projects:

All dates with no time listed shall be constructed to mean midnight CST/CDT.         Last updated on: 12/20/2019

Agency Project Title - Location Date Posted Submittal Deadline Relevant Attachments
General Services Real Estate Master Plan Consultant - Various Facilities (Statewide) 10/11/2019 11/14/2019

Request For Qualifications

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Pre-Response Conference Sign-In Sheet