Budget Information

Monthly Revenue Reporting

The Budget Division develops estimates of monthly tax revenues based on the work of various economic advisors and the actions of the State Funding Board. Actual tax revenue collections are monitored throughout the year against these estimates. This link connects to more information regarding tax revenue estimates and monthly collection reports.

Federal Receipts Reporting

The Budget Division is required to report every other year on federal aid collections compared to budget for designated state agencies, along with an analysis of the impact of targeted reductions to these programs. This link connects to the latest report updated for fiscal year 2022-2023.

Tennessee's Budgetary Process

Preparation, deliberation, and execution of the budget is a continual process throughout the year. Tennessee's budget process begins in August of each year when the Commissioner of Finance and Administration issues budget instructions to all departments and agencies of state government. This link provides more detail about the budget process in the State of Tennessee.

Career Opportunities in the Budget Division

The Division of Budget is always looking for highly motivated professionals to join our team. This link will provide more information about current career opportunities in the Budget Division.