Grants Administration

The years of 2020 and 2021 were full of great uncertainty due to the impact of COVID-19 on citizens, businesses, cities, and counties across Tennessee. The Materials Management Program (MMP) and Used Oil (UO) Program have been diligently addressing budgetary implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and funding limitations which have prevented grants to be issued or awarded.

We regret the strain this has unduly placed on counties and municipalities across the State who continue to strive to better conditions for their citizens, related to recycling and waste needs. TDEC is dedicated to assisting the State to improve recycling and reduce waste being deposited into landfills. In our efforts, we have continued to seek funding approval for our stakeholders; we have finally been approved to
offer grant funding beginning FY23.

The following identified grant offerings are an update to the dates previously released. 

The following grant(s) will be available for application on the tentative date of July 13, 2022:

• Used Automotive Fluid Recycling
• Convenience Center

The following grant(s) will be available for application on the tentative date of September 12, 2022:

• Recycling Equipment
• Household Hazardous Waste.

Please note, the dates referenced above are not established but are possible dates of application. Please continue to access the Grants Management System (GMS) online portal for the most updated information.

Unofficial draft manuals are available on request. Be aware that these manuals are subject to edit or update until the date of the application becoming open for submission in the GMS portal.

Thank you for everything you have accomplished in the past. We look forward to having this difficult period behind us so we can work together to continue to accomplish the goals of waste reduction and increased recycling across Tennessee.

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