Energy Security Education and Outreach

example Energy Security Quarterly Newsletter

Energy Security Quarterly Newsletter

OEP distributes an Energy Security Quarterly Newsletter to a curated list of stakeholders in the public and private sectors. The newsletter shares updated energy data, case studies, and news items related to energy security. It also includes information on hazards, cybersecurity, the Short Term Energy Outlook provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), seasonal weather concerns, and more. Requests to be added to the listserv should be submitted to OEP Senior Energy Programs Administrator Ben Bolton at or 615-306-5908.

NASEO Energy Security Committee

OEP’s Primary Emergency Services Coordinator (ESC) serves as Chair on the National Association of State Energy Officials’ Energy Security Committee. In this role, OEP regularly engages with ESCs across the country on topics pertaining to energy emergency preparedness and response, including fuel disruptions, natural disasters, infrastructure vulnerabilities, energy cybersecurity, and more. The group collaborates with relevant federal partners and industry stakeholders to assist states in carrying out their responsibilities as state energy data repositories. This includes providing technical assistance to government agencies and supporting state efforts to compile and analyze energy data. Click here to learn more about the Energy Security Committee and to access its related resources.

State Heating Oil and Propane Program

As participants in the U.S. DOE State Heating Oil and Propane Program (SHOPP), OEP collects weekly propane prices during the winter heating season from a random sample of propane distributors across the state. OEP shares this data with the EIA, which publishes the data regionally to assist both government and private sector entities with monitoring winter propane markets. EIA makes this data available through its Winter Heating Fuels website, which is updated weekly during the winter heating season (October 1 through March 31).  For additional information, EIA releases its “This Week in Petroleum” report every Thursday.

Other Outreach and Education

OEP ESCs regularly conduct training sessions for State and local government staff and other stakeholders on topics related to energy security and resilience. ESCs also present on energy security planning, preparedness, and response at several conferences throughout the year. Learn more about OEP’s 2022 energy security outreach and education activities here.