TISA Rules Move to Next Step Following Unanimous Positive State Board Recommendation

Friday, August 12, 2022 | 10:01am


New Public School Funding Formula Supports All Students


Nashville, TN — Following the unanimous positive recommendation of the State Board of Education’s review, the Tennessee Department of Education’s rules for the Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement (TISA) Act will now move to the next steps of the formal rulemaking process, including a review by the Tennessee Attorney General and filing with the Tennessee Secretary of State. 

Once filed with the Secretary of State, the rules will be published by the Secretary of State on the Tennessee Administrative website for 90 days, during which time, the rules will also go before the Tennessee General Assembly’s Joint Government Operations Committee for review and approval.

“Thank you to all the Tennesseans who have remained engaged and provided public comment on the rules for the TISA public school funding formula, which puts students at the center of our state’s strategy for funding public education,” said Commissioner Penny Schwinn. “As we prepare for the implementation of the TISA formula in the 2023-24 school year, feedback received is essential to ensuring this new public school funding formula serves the needs of all Tennessee students.” 

“The State Board of Education’s positive recommendation on the Tennessee Department of Education’s TISA rules did not happen by chance; we held a public and transparent process that included a section-by-section review of all 14 rules written and presented by Department staff during the Board’s July 21 workshop and in yesterday’s special called meeting,” said State Board of Education Chair Lillian Hartgrove. “During these sessions, board members asked thoughtful questions and suggested relevant changes that included input from constituents and stakeholders across the state. Collectively, we have taken another significant step toward launching a new student-based funding formula. Congratulations to Commissioner Schwinn and the Tennessee Department of Education for their hard work and extensive processes that led to the Board’s unanimous recommendations.”  

"Yesterday, the State Board of Education gave its seal of approval in the form of positive recommendations for each of the TISA rules proposed by the Department of Education. From my perspective, the process has been an outstanding example of how the General Assembly, the Department and the State Board have come together acting on extensive input from the residents of Tennessee to provide our districts with a funding process that will ensure the needs of individual students are addressed,” said State Board of Education Vice Chair Bob Eby. “The Department’s vision is ‘Best for All.’ In some way, I believe TISA shifts us to the ‘Best for All through the Best for Each.’ The next step in the TISA rulemaking process is approval from the Government Operations Committee. The Board's action yesterday says we are ready to fully support that action."

The TISA Act specifically requires rulemaking in certain areas to further flesh out the law, define terms, and establish processes and procedures for funding disbursements. The department undertook a statewide public engagement process, inviting all Tennesseans to provide feedback and public comment on the proposed rules, including holding a statewide public rulemaking hearing. The public engagement process generated comments from nearly 200 Tennesseans or organizations across the state that are being considered in the development of the rules. 

On April 28, 2022, the TISA Act was passed by the Tennessee General Assembly and was signed into law by Governor Bill Lee on May 2, 2022. Through the passage of the TISA Act, Tennessee’s K-12 public schools will now transition to a student-based funding approach and invest an estimated $9 billion in education funding for the state, including state and local funds, which includes an additional recurring state investment of $1 billion starting in the 2023-24 school year. The TISA will empower each student to read proficiently by third grade, prepare each high school graduate for postsecondary success, and provide resources needed for all students to ensure they succeed.

To learn more about the TISA and access additional resources, visit the Tennessee Department of Education’s website. For Tennessee Department of Education media inquiries, contact Edu.MediaInquiries@tn.gov