Health Services

Youth residing at Wilder receive a physical exam, a vision and hearing screening, a tuberculosis test, tests for sexually transmitted diseases, blood tests, and a dental exam. This process is repeated once a year for a physical and twice a year for dental exams.

In addition to attending to immediate needs, healthcare professionals try to educate youth on the effect their lifestyle choices have on themselves and others while in the YDC and upon their return to the community. This includes making healthy lifestyle choices, consequences of their choices on themselves and others (STD, TB, HIV, smoking, wellness education, etc.).

Psychological Services

Contracted psychological services provide a full range of services at Wilder. Clinicians provide psychological evaluations, as well as individual, group therapy and staff training. Family therapy is offered for those parents who are willing and able to participate. When needed, psychologists make referrals to the consulting psychiatrist who prescribes psychotropic medication as warranted.

Recreation / Gym

Under the guidance and leadership of a full-time recreation leader, students can participate in a wide variety of recreational extracurricular activities, such as Basketball, football, etc.