Foster Parent Advocate Program

Foster Parent Advocates are specially trained to assist DCS and Private Provider Foster Parents with policy and practice questions and provide support and representation in grievances and appeals with DCS.

Every Foster Parent has the right to a Foster Parent Advocate for representation and support during a special investigation.

Foster Parents can request an advocate by contacting the regional Foster Parent Support staff person or Tennessee Community Service Agency Program Director Jennifer McGhee, (865) 314-9422 or

Foster Parent Mentorship Program

The Foster Parent Mentorship Program is a group of seasoned foster parents trained to provide support, guidance, and education to newly approved foster parents (traditional and kin/relative) or experienced foster parents who may be needing additional support in an area. The goal of this statewide program is to create better informed foster parents who have an awareness of community resources and a higher level of involvement in local foster parent associations resulting in higher foster parent retention
rates. A successful fostering experience can be attained by having support from other foster parents who have experience in caring for childrex1 in foster care.

If you are interested in participating as a mentee in the foster parent mentorship program, complete this form.