Post-Adoption Support

Once the adoption ceremonies are over, families may still face challenges. One of the strengths of adopting through DCS  is our network of support services for families and children who still need help building their bonds and improving their relationships.

The Adoption Support and Preservation Program helps adoptive parents succeed on every level by providing a statewide, seamless system that supports children and families with pre- and post-adoption services that promote permanency and also help communities nurture adoptive families. ASAP provides the following services to Tennessee families who have either made their intent to adopt known or who have already finalized adoptions through Tennessee’s Department of Children’s Services. Since 2004, ASAP has served approximately 4,600 children. 

Among the service ASAP offers: 

  • Individualized, in-home care
  • ​Crisis intervention
  • Relief-team building to identify people who can help a family
  • Support groups
  • Adoption preparation classes
  • Advocacy
  • Community education for local mental healthcare professionals

Download an informational brochure on the DCS post-adoption support services.