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Don't Let Fear Hold You Back


Laura Mitchell is a 35-year-old mother of four children -- ages 9, 6, 6 and 3 -- all adopted in the last two years.

She didn’t plan it that way, they just arrived among the 33 other children to whom she has been a foster mother. Those 33 children also included two teen mothers and their babies, one of whom has gotten married and had another son. Mitchell was in the delivery room and the children call her “Nana.”

Taylor is Home


A Knox County family welcomes 13-year-old Taylor.

Adoption Awareness Month 2015


Watch this informational video created by kidcentral tn to promote adoption awareness in Tennessee.

Sarah and Her Family

Sarah's Story: This photo essay, taken by state photographer Dawn Majors, captures the days just before Sarah’s adoption last fall. The intimate photos show busy daily routines, family dinners and a joyous adoption celebration. 

Re-entering Custody


Every day, families in Tennessee make hard, selfless choices.

The story of one young man named Luke illustrates the point and also shows how complex the work of public child welfare can be.