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Statement From The Victim's Family

Thursday, May 16, 2019 | 08:00pm

NASHVILLE – The following statement is from Margaret Davis, sister of Connie Johnson.

“Connie’s Johnson’s death had a great impact on all of our lives. We thank the Lord for each day we were able to spend with her, before her life was tragically taken. Donnie Johnson was rightfully sentenced for committing such an unspeakable crime. However, the appeals process extended his death sentence for thirty-four consecutive years. This is a great indication as to why our criminal justice system needs to be reevaluated. Connie’s death was inhumane and indescribable. Connie’s life was never given a 34-year extension. Instead, she was brutally murdered. Our family has endured this pain, and has carried this burden for most of our lives. Regardless, what we do or say, it will never be enough to bring Connie back. Three decades ago we sought justice. Today, we seek closure.  I want to thank Governor Bill Lee and the Tennessee Department of Correction.”

The statement was read on May 16, 2019 following the execution of Donnie Johnson at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution