Riverbend Maximum Security Institution Update

Thursday, January 04, 2018 | 10:18am

NASHVILLE - Nearly all of Riverbend Maximum Security Institution is back up and running with boiler-produced hot water and heat.  The entire facility is expected to return to boiler-produced heat within the next 24 hours.   Portable heating units have kept temperatures in the affected areas in the 60 to 70 degree range and extra blankets have been distributed to offenders.  The portable heating units will be taken offline as the boiler-produced heat takes over.

“The safety, security, and comfort of our offenders and staff is paramount, and we are greatly appreciative of their understanding and cooperation while repairs have been made,” says Assistant Commissioner of Operations Bobby Straughter.  “I’d also like to thank our dedicated maintenance staff for their hard work around the clock in extreme conditions.”

At this time it appears that a valve malfunction was responsible for a loss of water pressure, causing the outage.

While the Department appreciates the thought, we are unable to accept donations of blankets, clothing, or other items from the public due to safety and security concerns.  As previously mentioned, the Department has distributed additional blankets to offenders.