Absconder Apprehended Thanks To Officers Diligence

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 | 03:44pm

Cookeville – A sex offender attempting to flee the state was apprehended in Cookeville, TN thanks to the diligence of Probation Parole Officers with the Tennessee Department of Correction’s Program Specialized Unit (PSU) and the department’s strong partnerships with local law enforcement. The offender had made plans to flee Hawkins County, Tennessee for Salt Lake City, Utah.

Last week, the Central Communications Center notified Probation Parole Officer (PPO) Joshua Nease that offender William McAllister was being tracked via GPS in Washington County, which violated the standards of supervision for McAllister since he is not permitted to leave Hawkins County without permission from his supervising officer.  PPO Nease immediately contacted PSU officers in Washington County to investigate. Washington County Officers Mike Carver and Paul Miller were able to pinpoint the location of McAllister’s GPS unit which he had removed.

PPOs Carver and Miller, along with PPOs Grant Honeycutt and Jeremiah Woodby, canvased the area searching for McAllister. PPO Carver went to a Greyhound Bus station nearby McAllister’s last known location and began showing McAllister’s photo, asking staff if they had recently seen him. Bus station staff confirmed McAllister had in fact been there and had purchased a bus ticket for Salt Lake City, Utah. The manager of the bus station was very cooperative and provided officers the bus number McAllister was on as well as the trip itinerary which notably had stops in Crossville, Cookeville and Nashville.

PPOs Carver and Miller immediately contacted TDOC PSU officers local law enforcement along the bus route in Cookeville, Crossville and Nashville. As a result of the diligence and quick action taken by PPOs Nease, Carver and Miller and the interagency cooperation, McAllister was apprehended in Cookeville, Tennessee by the Cookeville Police Department and Cookeville PSU Manager Catina Bohannon.

This is a perfect example of TDOC officers’ work to provide effective community supervision in an effort to enhance public safety and highlights the strong partnership between TDOC and local law enforcement agencies throughout the state.