Contraband Intercepted At TCIX

Thursday, March 30, 2017 | 03:06pm


ONLY – The introduction of contraband into a penal facility is not only a violation of the law but a threat to the safety and security of the institution.  Last night, this threat was prevented by the great work of the Correctional Officers at Turney Center Industrial Complex. 

Officers noticed William Alexander Raspa acting suspiciously on state property.  When questioned by the officers, Mr. Raspa made remarks that were consistent with the intent to do harm to the institution.  Multiple weapons and IDs were found during a search of his vehicle.   Mr. Raspa was taken into custody and booked in the Hickman County Jail. 

Commissioner Tony Parker commends these officers for their work in keeping the prison secure.  He stated, “Their attention to policy and procedures kept a potentially dangerous individual with contraband from entering the facility.  But all of the policy and procedures in the world do nothing if the people on the frontline are not proactive.  These officers embodied the mission of operating safe and secure prisons.” 

This vision of putting the right people in place to lead the fight against contraband led Commissioner Parker to announce the addition of the Lee Dotson as the Chief Interdiction Officer.  In this position, Dotson will develop and implement a multidisciplinary strategy to target illegal drugs and contraband within our prisons.  He will also oversee all drug and contraband related investigations and coordinate efforts with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners in order to identify the sources of illicit contraband and prosecute those responsible.  Mr. Dotson will begin in his new position in April. 

L to R:  OIC Director Donna Turner, Chief Interdiction Officer Lee Dotson and Commissioner Tony Parker