NECX Offenders Help Cleanup Efforts After Flooding

Thursday, October 26, 2017 | 02:42pm

ROAN MOUNTAIN – Monday night the Roane Mountain community was one of the areas hardest hit by recent storms, receiving high winds and torrential rain that rose river levels by 6-10 feet in a matter of a few hours. Several roads were shut-down as bridges were either washed out or completely blocked by heavy debris.

Community Service work crews from the Carter County Work Camp, an annex of the Northeast Correctional Complex (NECX), have been utilized to aid in cleanup efforts specifically in the Roan Mountain community. NECX deployed four offender work crews to the area to assist the Tennessee Department of Transportation, the Carter County Highway Department and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency with the cleanup.  These crews are removing debris and clearing the way for emergency vehicles.

“We are a part of this community and want to do everything we possibly can to help them recover,” NECX Warden Randy Lee said. “We’ll have crews here until every road is reopened and all debris has been cleared away.”

Pictures of the work crew and Warden Lee can be found on the Department’s facebook page: