TDOC Response to Questions Surrounding Inmate Death

Monday, September 28, 2015 | 04:26pm

“We cannot disclose an inmate’s medical history, but it must be noted that Mr. Thornton had multiple medical complications that contributed to the autopsy findings. While any in-custody death is unfortunate, they do happen from time to time due to our aging offender population and the variety of ailments that inmates have when they enter our custody.

Whenever someone dies in custody, our Office of Investigation and Compliance responds and investigates the circumstances surrounding their passing. TDOC also notified the District Attorney and the TBI within 24 hours of the death. In-custody deaths are also reviewed by the Morbidity and Mortality panel which consists of several physicians. In this instance, our agents also presented the case to the local District Attorney’s office for review. All parties agreed with our original investigative findings that Mr. Thornton died of natural causes.”