NECX Work Crews

Monday, August 31, 2015 | 02:22pm

The Carter County Annex, an extension of the Northeast Correctional Complex, operates seven community   service (CS) work crews, which serve the needs of Carter, Washington, Sullivan and Unicoi counties. One of the crews is assigned to the city of Jonesborough in Washington County and is currently working on restoring a historic train depot.

The train depot, which was originally built in Chuckey, TN in 1907, was sitting abandoned and had been ordered by to be removed from the property it was occupying. The Jonesborough City Commissioners found out and felt that, if refurbished, the historical depot could be turned into a museum/visitors center and be a great draw for tourism to the downtown Jonesborough area. Knowing it was a very ambitious undertaking, and being very conscious of tax payer dollars, the city called upon CC Annex and one of its CS work crews. The crew went to dismantle the depot board by board, loaded it up onto tractor trailers, transported it back to Jonesborough, and is currently re-mantling and refurbishing the 108 year old depot.

The CS work crew, operated by Officer Kenny Davis, has put in approximately 5,100 hours of labor into the project, which began in early May.  It is estimated when the project is finished, it will have saved the city more than $150,000.

“This project would have not have been possible, not at all, had it not been for Carter County Annex work crews that came and helped us,” said City Manager Craig Ford. “We can’t thank the prison or this crew enough for its work, helping this city like it has.”