Re-Employment Services and Eligibility

Re-Employment Services and Eligibility (RESEA)

Unemployment claimants are chosen to participate in the Re-Employment Services and Eligibility (RESEA) program within the first five weeks of filing their unemployment claim. They are selected after being filtered through a statistical computer model that considers them to be most likely to exhaust their benefits and who will benefit from job search assistance services to make a successful transition to new employment. RESEA conducts eligibility reviews of their unemployment claim and helps identify and overcome barriers to employment.  

As a participant in the program, claimants are required to work one-on-one with a Tennessee American Job Center Career Specialist.

Creating Your Employment Plan

Claimants in the RESEA program will meet their Career Specialist for orientation at a Tennessee American Job Center. During the orientation, you will be informed of the requirements of the program and complete an assessment to identify any barriers you might have to employment. After the orientation, an employment plan will be created that details goals and work search activities for the next three weeks. You are required to re-visit your Career Specialist three subsequent returns to review and help you move forward to overcome any potential barriers keeping you from re-employment. Your Career Specialist will advocate, communicate, and connect you with other partners, resources, and training opportunities to aid in achieving the goals established in the individual employment plan. 

Rescheduling Your Weekly Appointment

Contact your local Tennessee American Job Center to reschedule your appointment.

Grab the Toolkit

Unemployment can be stressful, but with the right tools in-hand, you will discover resources available at your fingertips. That’s why we’ve created the Employment Toolkit (Spanish Version available shortly). The toolkit briefly describes several valuable resources designed to help unemployment claimants get back on their feet. Learn how to write a cover letter and a résumé, conduct an interview, or discover other supportive services that Tennessee offers.


RESA Information

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