June 24, 2020 Charter Commission Board Meeting

June 24, 2020


June 24, 2020

9:00 am


Phone Number: 415-655-0003 Access Code: 161 268 5058

Meeting Materials

I. Roll Call and Establish Quorum
Commission Chair

II. Adoption of Agenda

III. Approval of Prior Minutes

IV. Report Items

Business and Operations Committee
     A. Introduction of Judy Spencer, Tennessee Department of Education
     B. State Budget Update and Impact on the Commission
     C. Update on Executive Director Hiring Process
     D. Update on Future Meeting Structure and Cadence

Rules and Policy Committee
A. Update on Upcoming Public Hearing

Governance Committee
     B. Update on Governance Priorities

V. Presentation on School Turnaround
Dr. Eve Carney, Tennessee Department of Education

VI. Action Items
     A. Establish Committee of the Whole to Hire Executive Director
     B. Approval of Revision to Executive Director Job Description
     C. Approval of Process to Hire an Interim Executive Director
     D. Approval of Interim Executive Director Job Description

VII. Closing Discussion and Adjournment