December 7, 2020 Rules and Policy Committee Meeting

December 7, 2020


December 7, 2020

2:00 pm


This is a virtual meeting. Dial In: (415) 655-0003 Event password: 178 300 0068


I. Welcome
Terence Patterson, Committee Chair
     A. Roll Call
     B. Approval of Prior Minutes
     C. Approval of Agenda

II. Policy 1.100 Commission Members
Tess Stovall, Executive Director

III. Public Record Requests Rule
Ashley Thomas, General Counsel

IV. LEA Policies
     A. 1100 Adoption of Policies
     B. 1106 Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest
     C. 1200 Grievances and Complaints
     D. 1407 Public Records
     E. 1408 Records Retention
     F. 1800 School Calendar
     G. 1801 Special Education
     H. 1802 ADA and Section 504
     I. 1803 Smoke Free Environment
     J. 1808 Registered Sex Offenders
     K. 1900 Accountability of TPCSC and Charter Schools
     L. 4206 Homebound Instruction
     M. 4207 English Learners
     N. 4209 Alternative Credit Options
     O. 4210 Credit Recovery
     P. 5104 Employee Rights
     Q. 5106 Application and Employment
     R. 5114 Personnel Records
     S. 5118 Background Investigations
     T. 5400 Employee Health
     U. 5610 Staff Student Relations
     V. 5701 Substitute Teachers
     W. 5911 Differentiated Pay
     X. 6206.01 Out of District Enrollment

V. Overview of Charter Agreements
Tess Stovall, Executive Director, and Ashley Thomas, General Counsel

VI. Closing Discussion and Adjournment
Terence Patterson, Committee Chair