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Producer List

6601 Centennial Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37243 0360
Phone: 615.350.4100
Fax: 615.350.4128


The TDOT Producer List is prepared and provided by both HQ Materials & Tests Field Operations and by Regional Materials & Tests.

The producers providing materials from the following categories must successfully fulfill the requirements as described in the Approval Procedure Documents shown below as well as any related SOPs or Specifications in order to be included on TDOT’s Producer List. 

Only those facilities included on the Producer’s List for the categories listed below are approved for use on a TDOT project. 

For more information on the Producer Report, contact the appropriate Regional Materials Supervisor:

Region 1 (Knoxville)
Brad Baskette
Phone: 865.594.4552
Region 2 (Chattanooga)
Tony Renfro
Phone: 423.510.1190
Region 3 (Nashville)
Kevin Isenberg
Phone: 615.350.4312

Region 4 (Jackson)
Mitch Blankenship
Phone: 731.935.0215


 Product Category

Approval Procedure Documents

Aggregate Aggregate Producers
Ready Mix Concrete Ready Mix Producers
Precast Concrete Precast Producers
Prestressed Concrete Prestressed Producers
Asphalt Cement Asphalt Cement Producers
Emulsion Asphalt Emulsion Producers
Asphalt Mix Asphalt Mix Producers
Bridge Bearing Pads -  Plain and Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pad Producers
Grass Seed
Grass Seed Producers
Concrete Pipe Concrete Pipe Producers
Corrugated Metal Pipe Corrugated Metal Pipe Producers
(HDPE) Thermoplastic Pipe Thermoplastic Pipe Producers
(PPP) Polypropylene Pipe Polypropylene Pipe Procedures
PVC Pipe PVC Pipe Procedures
Steel Bar Reinforcing Steel Bar Reinforcing Producers

 Producer List Report   ←

Please allow time for the report to load dropdown lists once selections are chosen.

Asterisks (*) next to a Producer name means that the producer at that location has changed names. For previous name affiliations please contact the Regional Materials Supervisor for that plant location.