DCS Brightspace

The Office of Training and Professional Development is excited to announce DCS Brightspace, a new learning management system (LMS) for foster parents. With Brightspace, foster parents will be able to register for and access trainings, view their completion awards, and keep track of their training history. 

DCS Brightspace can be accessed via your computer or on your mobile device using the Brightspace Pulse App. In 2024, we will offer live training opportunities for parents who would like a guided experience as they become familiar with the new LMS. Recordings will also be available for parents who are unable to attend these sessions. 

To access DCS Brightspace, visit https://tndcs.brightspace.com. Please note that this time, DCS Brightspace is only open to DCS foster parents. 

Click here to download the Pulse App user guide for DCS Brightspace.

All active foster parents have been enrolled in a training entitled DCS Brightspace Orientation Training. A link to the training can be found in the My Courses widget on the homepage once users have logged in. Watch the videos in this course for an introduction to navigating and completing training in Brightspace.

December 15, 2023:
Training staff will begin creating accounts for DCS foster parents. Users will receive emails to the address on file containing login information. You will be able to login to Brightspace and begin completing training at this time.

Account creation notification emails will come from system-noreply@tndcs.brightspace.com

December 21, 2023:
Letters will be mailed to foster parents containing information about DCS Brightspace, including login credentials. Letters will be mailed to the addresses on file in TFACTS.

Foster parents will be able to login and start completing courses in Brightspace as soon as they activate their accounts. 

January 2024:
Live training sessions to introduce learners to Brightspace will be held in January. Exact dates are still being determined. Training will also be held at the virtual foster parent conference on April 27, 2024.

How will I know if I have a DCS Brightspace account?

Currently, accounts are being created for active DCS foster parents. The initial set of accounts were created on December 15, 2023. Activation emails were sent to the addresses used to create accounts. Additionally, foster parents will receive letters with the usernames assocated with the accounts for each foster parent in their home. These letters will be mailed beginning December 21, 2023. You may also contact us at EI_DCS.Brightspace@tn.gov with questions.

Will all of my past training be reflected in DCS Brightspace?

Elective trainings completed prior to July 1, 2023 will not appear in your Brightspace records; however we are working to ensure that all required trainings (such as Creating Normalcy through Prudent Parenting, CPR & First Aid, Medical Resources and Information, etc.) are reflected. Please be patient as we work to upload these records throughout the month of January.

I have completed a required training, but this information is not reflected in Brightspace. Do I have to take the training again?

If you have already completed a required training or have completed training since July 2023 that is not currently reflected in Brightspace, you are not required to complete the training again unless otherwise instructed on a case by case basis (for instance, by your Foster Parent Support Worker). Remember that CPR & First Aid and Medical Resources and Information are required to be completed by all foster parents every two years. 

How can I see my training completion in DCS Brightspace?

When users login to DCS Brightspace, a dark blue navigation bar will appear toward the top of the page. Click the Awards link to see a list of your earned certificates and badges. You can also re-visit training you have completed from the My Courses widget on the home page. This allows users to continue to access training materials and videos.

How do I complete training in DCS Brightspace?

All active foster parents who have been added to the Brightspace system have been enrolled in two courses to start: DCS Brightspace Orientation Training and Preventing Suicidce among Foster Care Youth. Foster parents who have already completed Preventing Suicide among Foster Care Youth should see that they have already been marked complete for this course and can see the certificate and badge under the Awards tab.

To locate additional training, click Find Training in the navigation bar. Currently foster parents can complete Right Time videos, TBRI Conversations, and Jason Foundation Supplemental Learning in Brightspace. Additional courses are still being added to the system. 

I recently completed training using one of the Formstack links. Will this appear in DCS Brightspace?

As we work to transition training from Formstack to Brightspace, please be mindful that trainings completed in Formstack will not immediately appear in Brightspace training records. If you would like to complete a training that has not been loaded to Brightspace yet, you may continue to do so using the Formstack links on the Online Foster Parent Training page at this time.

I need to register for a live delivery. Can I do this in DCS Brightspace?

Eventually foster parents will be able to register for live deliveries, such as Creating Normalcy through Prudent Parenting, CPR & First Aid, TIPS, and other offerings in Brightspace. At this time please continue to utilize the links provided for events on the Post Approval Calendar