The Office of Licensure is responsible for protecting Tennesseans who receive mental health, substance abuse, and personal support services. The goal is to ensure licensed providers adhere to state laws and departmental rules in the care and services they provide.

The Office of Licensure:

  • Conducts unannounced inspections and follow-ups of licensed facilities and services
  • Conducts investigations of licensed, and unlicensed, service providers following reports of inadequate care or violation of rules
  • Maintains files and records on all alcohol and drug/mental health facilities and personal support service agencies across Tennessee
  • Provides consultation and technical assistance to licensed providers and individuals/entities seeking information to become a licensed provider
  • Works to protect your interests against unlicensed service providers

If you have questions or wish to report suspected violations or submit a complaint, please call or fax the information to the appropriate regional office listed below.

East Tennessee:
520 West Summit Hill Drive, Suite 502
Knoxville, TN 37902

Main Phone:  (865) 594-6551
Complaint Line:  (866) 777-1250
Fax Number:  (844) 340-4482

Middle Tennessee:
500 Deaderick Street, 5th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

Main Phone:  (615) 532-6590
Complaint Line:  (866) 797-9470
Fax Number:  (615) 532-7856

West Tennessee:
951 Court Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103

Main Phone:  (901) 543-7442
Complaint Line:  (866) 344-0858
Fax: Number:  (844) 844-5538

Virtual Licensure Inspections

TDMHSAS Office of Licensure appreciates the dedication and hard work each licensee has exemplified as you continue to selflessly serve some of the most vulnerable individuals of the state of Tennessee during this unprecedented time. In order for Office of Licensure to do what we can to help ensure the health and safety of everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic, Licensure is conducting virtual annual inspections at this time. These virtual inspections will allow Licensure to take the appropriate precautions to minimize potential risk of exposure to COVID-19, while still fulfilling our statutory and rule-based obligations to our licensed facilities as delineated in Tenn. Code Annotated 33-2-413(a) and Administrative Rules 0940-05-02-.22.

At the link below, you will find a PowerPoint presentation TDMHSAS Office of Licensure has created to aid in this process. Once you open the link and access the PowerPoint presentation, please click on each slide to activate the audio information that will accompany each slide. Please ensure your computer audio is turned up so you can appropriately hear the various presenters. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Regional Licensure Office for assistance.

TDMHSAS Licensure Virtual Inspections PowerPoint

TDMHSAS Licensure Virtual Inspections PDF