Commission on Aging and Disability Publishes Report on Elder Abuse

Monday, January 10, 2022 | 09:50am

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability (TCAD) released its final report today as part of the State’s Elder Abuse Task Force. The report presents findings and recommendations derived from meetings of the Task Force and input from stakeholders.

The report emphasizes the urgent need to address financial exploitation as it has become a multifaceted problem affecting an increasingly large portion of Tennessee’s elder and vulnerable adult population.

“In recent years our state has seen an increase in elder financial exploitation, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the problem as those most vulnerable to the virus had to isolate from their family and friends,” said James Dunn, TCAD Executive Director. “I am thankful to Governor Bill Lee, the Tennessee General Assembly, our Comptroller, and the members of this Task Force, including our partners in law enforcement, for the opportunity to work together toward raising awareness and collaborating as we continue to explore ways to further protect Tennessee’s aging population.”

The Task Force was reestablished in May 2021 following the passage of SB304/HB345 and mandated to submit a report on its findings by Jan. 15, 2022. The legislation required the Task Force to:

·      Assess the current status of elders and other vulnerable adults covered by the Tennessee Adult Protection Act related to financial exploitation;

·      Examine the existing barriers, services, and resources addressing the needs of these elder persons and vulnerable adults; and

·      Develop recommendations to address problems associated with the financial exploitation of these elder persons and vulnerable adults.

Read the full text of the report here.