Questions Asked During Certification

All of these questions will be referring to actions taken last week: Sunday - Saturday.

Did you work or earn money?

Are you still employed at this job or working part-time, or were you separated from this employment due to Lack of Work?

Did you quit?
If yes, select an option from the dropdown under Separation Category, Separation Type, and Quit Reason.

Were you fired?
If yes, select an option from the dropdown under Separation Category, Separation Type, and Termination Reason.

Did you refuse any work or referrals from a Tennessee Career Center?

Refusing work means you turned down work that was offered to you or you did not work all the hours that were available to you. You must report all job offers, and failure to report any job offer could lead to a disqualification from benefits and you possibly being overpaid benefits. Tennessee has guidelines on what jobs are considered suitable and can be refused. Even if you believe a job is not suitable, you must report the offer when answering this question.

Did you begin receiving a veteran’s administration allowance, an employer pension or any other (excluding Social Security benefits) during the week?

Select an option from the Please make a Selection dropdown box. The selections include Military Pension, Pension (Not Military), Physical Limitation-Military, Retirement.

Were you able and available to work each day?

You may be disqualified if you are not available for full-time employment. Contact the claims center here to find out what exceptions are available. You are "available" if you could have worked the hours and days normal for your occupation, had transportation to get to work, had childcare available if needed, etc. Available for work means you are ready and willing to accept “suitable work”. If you are job or union attached, you must be ready and willing to return to work when notified by the employer.

Was your reason because of illness or disability?
If yes, Please select an illness or disability reason from the dropdown. The reasons include Health Certificate, Removed yourself from the job market, medical.

Was your reason because of family responsibility?
If yes, Select a family responsibility reason from the dropdown. The reasons include: Childcare, Domestic Responsibility, Illness – Family Member.

Was the reason because of employment or self-employment?
If yes, Please select an employment reason from the dropdown. The reason include: Employed, Interest in Employment, Removed yourself from the Job Market, Self-Employed.

Was the reason because of lack of transportation?

Was the reason because of other issues?
If yes, Please select a reason from the dropdown. The reasons include: I-9 Documentation, Incarcerated, License, Personal Reasons, Restricted Availability, Social Security, Unable to Work – Own Statement.

Did you begin attending school or training this week or have an enrollment date within 30 days?

“Yes” means you were attending school or training full or part-time or participating in online courses.

Please make a selection from the dropdown options. The options are: Full-time and Part-time.

Did you receive or apply for workers’ compensation during the week?

Workers’ Compensation is an insurance program for workers injured on the job.

Did you receive Vacation/Holiday/Birthday pay during this week?

Note: If you are on a permanent layoff or do not expect to return to work to the same employer within 21 days, you should not report holiday or vacation pay.

Do you have a return to work date with this employer at the end of the designated Vacation/Holiday period?