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Occupations in Demand

Tap into Tennessee's greatest resource for workforce analytics: Listed below are a few ways to dig into the data to help you discover and make informed decisions about your career.

In Demand Occupations to 2026

We have created a list of occupations in Tennessee that meet the following criteria:

  1. require more than short-term on-the-job training
  2. expected to have positive job growth
  3. expected to be in demand with employers   
  4. forecasted to have at least 10 annual average job openings in the area.  

Characteristics that are important for job success are also displayed.

Occupations in your Area

Find in-demand jobs in your backyard by looking up the top occupations in your area. Choose from a list or search by keyword to find stats and labor market information based on the occupation you choose.

Look Up Employers

Find employer profiles listed on to get information about jobs they have posted and what skills they are looking for.

Projected Jobs Data

In cooperation with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we use the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) report to gather occupational employment data. These OES data are the basis for the staffing patterns used in the projections.

Supply and Demand

Ratio of qualified graduates to projected job openings in their occupation.

Video - How to Conduct an Occupation Search - (3:52) Learn how to search for and select a desired occupation. The system uses the O*NET program, the nation's primary source of detailed occupational information.