SIDES E-Response Troubleshooting Guide

I Can't log into the E-Response Website
  1. Confirm the website address is
  2. Determine which form or letter you are attempting to respond to.
    There are three (3) types of UI information requests that contain E-Response Login Credential fields in the upper left corner of the document. The request is identified by name in the letterhead at the top of the first page and also by a form number in the bottom left corner of each page.


    • Time Sensitive Request for Separation Information -- There are 39 separation request forms covering various reasons for separation. Each has its own form number. The form you received depends on the cause for separation given by the claimant at the time they filed their claim.
    • Time Sensitive Notice of Claim Filed -- Form LB-0502
    • Time Sensitive Request for Wage Audit Information -- Form LB-0518


  3. Check to see if the form was generated in E-Response.
    Look closely to see if the numbers are printed in the FEIN and SEIN fields. If the numbers are missing or blank, the form is not in E-Response. You will have to email, fax or mail your response to the contact information at the top of the form.
  4. Select the Correct application when logging:


    • Separation Information, respond to the Time Sensitive Request for Separation Information.
    • Wages Reported and Possible Charges, respond to the Time Sensitive Notice of Claim Filed -- Form LB-0502.
    • Earnings Verification, respond to the Time Sensitive Request for Wage Audit Information -- Form LB-0518.
    • Determinations and Decisions is an inactive application.


Still can’t log in? Send an email describing the problem to the SIDES Helpdesk at