How to Begin a Wage Claim

Labor Standards Unit | Workplace Regulations & Compliance | TN Department of Labor & Workforce Development


Once you submit this complaint online, you will receive a Statement of Wage Claim Form with an assigned inspector listed.

It is the goal of this Labor Standards Unit to resolve alleged wage disputes as quickly and effectively as possible. You can assist us by providing information that is complete and accurate.

Your claim form must also include a statement of explanation, amount of wages that are owed, and your signature. You must mail or email it back to the Inspector shown at the top of the form to initiate an investigation.

You will be notified if the form contains any errors, or if at any time during the investigation it is determined the submitted claim is not within our jurisdiction. At that time, the claim will be closed, and you will be referred to the proper authority.

Once the completed Statement of Wage Claim Form has been received by the assigned Inspector, it will be reviewed for confirmation of statutory requirements. The Inspector will then contact the Employer to let them know a claim has been received.

If the Employer fails to resolve the issue within a reasonable time after initial contact, 20 calendar days, the claim is then forwarded to the Central Office for review and possible penalty assessment.

If the Employer requests a contested case hearing, you may be called on to attend the hearing and present your side of the claim.