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Public Assistance Resources

For COVID National Declaration Guidance, visit this page:

Applicant Registration

The following are required for full application to the Public Assistance Program:

Applicant Registration Form – This form provides required information to set up the applicant’s profile in FEMA’s Grants Portal and internally within the State.  Once completed and sent to TEMA’s Public Assistance Office, someone will contact you for processing.

Supplier Direct Deposit Authorization – (only needed if there are changes) The State of Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration’s Direct Deposit form is provided to ensure accurate account connections for direct deposit disaster payments.  The following are the processes depending upon what is needed for your community/organization.

●  If you are a new vendor for the State of Tennessee, complete W-9 Form and Supplier Direct Deposit Authorization Form and mail to the address on said form or send to your Public Assistance Liaison for processing;
●  If you are an existing vendor, but have a change that is not related to banking information, log on to the Edison Vendor website at and make the changes needed; or
●  If you are an existing vendor and need to change banking information, complete the provided form and follow form’s instructions for submitting to the state.

Title VI Survery Fiscal Year 2021 – Required to show compliance with the Civil Rights Act prohibiting discrimination.  Must be submitted annually while any grant is in force.

W-9 Form – Required for New Applicants
Edison -New Applicant Instructions 


Documentation Guidance:  was developed to assist in creating and compiling appropriate documentation.  This guidance will reference all the following:

Documentation to Support  Costs Claimed
Blank Materials Summary Record
Blank Force Account Labor Record
Blank Fringe Benefit Calculation Worksheet
Blank Force Account Equipment Record
FEMA Schedule of Equipment Rates

Grant Management

Alternate Project Request
Improved Project Request
Applicant Withdrawal
Project Withdrawal
Time Extension Request
Quarterly Report
Large Project Payment Request
Large Project Payment Form Instructions

FEMA Resources

PA Program and Policy Guide (PAPPG) April 2018
PA Program and Policy Guide (PAPPG) June 2020
2019 Schedule of Equipment Rates
 Public Assistance FAQ
Debris Management Guide
Debris Monitoring Guide
Alternative Procedures
Audit Tips