Homeland Security Grants

TEMA's Homeland Security Grant Programs office is responsible, in conjunction with the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security in the Department of Safety, for administering the various grant programs made available to Tennessee by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. These programs include the Homeland Security Grant Program, the Buffer Zone Protection Program, and others. These grants provide funds to equip and train first responders to prevent, protect against, respond to and recover from terrorist acts and other disasters.

TEMA's Homeland Security Grant Programs office is primarily responsible for processing reimbursement requests from local governments and assisting them through the application and project formation processes. TEMA ensures that grant requests for payment meet criteria established by the grant and that authorized expenditures do not exceed the total approved for the grant.

Forms & Links

FY 2021 HSGP Application
FY 2021 HSGP Application Signature Page

FY 2021 HSGP Reimbursement Request Form
FY 2020 HSGP Reimbursement Request Form     
FY 2019 HSGP Reimbursement Request Form                                                                                                 

District Project Form
District Project Form Example

Reallocation Request Form
HSGP Funding Approved Training Courses

Sample Inventory Spreadsheet for HSGP
Biannual Strategy Implementation Report (BSIR)
Sustainment and Maintenance Agreement Information
Equipment Inventory and Tagging Policies
Authorized Equipment List (AEL)
State of Tennessee Radio Policy
Environmental Review Policy for Towers and Construction - IB#271
EHP Policy Expanded
GPD EHP Screening Form
Statement of Work - SAMPLE
Training Expense Reimbursement Form
Training Expense Guidelines
Physical Security-Critical Infrastructure Policy
System for Award Management (SAM)
Approved P25 Equipment