TN KidKit / TN CareKit

When a child goes missing, every second matters.

So does having the right kind of information.

We've built TN KIDKIT as a resource to help parents and guardians assist law enforcement if a child in their home goes missing.

Take the time, right now, to prepare, just in case.


Get Started!

First, save the correct TN KidKit to your device, then open and fill out one for every child in your home.
Save the document and keep it on your devices, and also consider printing out several hard copies.

Looking ahead, consider setting a calendar reminder every six months or every year to update your child's TN KidKit.

The TN CareKit was built to help adults -- and those who care for them -- be prepared, just in case they go missing. It compiles relevant information, in an easy-to-use form, which can be provided to law enforcement in an emergency.

Is Your Child Missing? Take These Immediate Steps!

1. Call your local law enforcement agency immediately.

2. Search in and around your property. Pay particular attention to spots your child may be inclined to hide, such as closets, basements, under beds, or outbuildings.

3. Check with relatives, neighbors, and friends of your child. For older children, check all forms of communication used by your family to see if your child has provided information about a change in plans or updated schedule.