August 2016

Public Notice


Tab 1 - Minutes of May 2016 Meeting

Tab 2 - Commission and Staff Update

Tab 3 - Update on Tennessee's Lawsuit Challenging FCC Preemption

Tab 4 - Biennial Report for Fiscal Years 2014-15 and 2015-16—Final Report for Approval

Tab 5 - The Economic Impact of Open Space on Residential Property Values in Tennessee—Report to the Commission

Tab 6 - Annual Report on Tennessee's Public Infrastructure Needs—Final Report for Approval

Tab 7 - Fiscal Capacity for Fiscal Year 2016-17

Tab 8 - The Privilege Tax in Tennessee:  Taxing Professionals Fairly—Draft Report for Review and Comment

Tab 9 - Legislative Compensation:  Comparing Tennessee to Contiguous and Peer States—Draft Report for Review and Comment

Tab 10 - Broadband Internet Deployment, Availability, and Adoption in Tennessee—Updates and Panel Discussion

Other Business