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Trooper Cadet Employment Packet

If you have received notification of a Trooper Cadet School agility and interview appointment, congratulations!

  • Bring the completed Trooper Cadet Employment Packet to your physical agility test appointment.
  • Physical agility test and interview location is: 283 Stewarts Ferry Pike, Nashville, TN. Text directions are within the Trooper Cadet Employment Packet link for your reference.
  • You must report for your agility appointment date and time located in your letter to be considered. There will not be any reschedules or make-up agility tests or interviews.
  • If you successfully pass the agility test, you will be given notification of your interview appointment time, which will be conducted on the same day and location as the agility test.
  • If you received an email/letter to report for the agility test, but you are not interested or cannot attend the agility/interview process at this time, please notify the Human Resources office at or 615-251-5200.
  • Download the Trooper Cadet Employment Packet.

After downloading the Employment Packet, please complete the following survey prior to your scheduled agility/interview date. Please understand this survey is VOLUNTARY and will not be seen nor used by THP to make employment decisions: