Tennessee Historic Cemetery Register and GIS Map of the State’s Historic Cemeteries

Image of Tennessee GIS Cemetery Map


The Tennessee Historic Cemetery Preservation Program will soon make a map of the state’s historic cemeteries available to the public.  Identifying locations of the state’s numerous cemeteries is an on-going project and the map is subject to change as this work progresses. 

The Tennessee Historical Commission defines historic cemeteries as those 50 years old or older.  However, some of the cemeteries on the map are not historic by definition--yet.  Also, many cemeteries that are listed in the database have not been added to the map.  This is because THC does not have the GPS coordinates.  If you know coordinates for a cemetery that is not on the map, please send that information to graham.perry@tn.gov so the cemetery’s location can be recorded on the map.

Often only a road name, if known, but not a physical address is listed for cemeteries that are remote.  That street name might be the nearest road, but not an exact location. 

The Tennessee Historical Commission does not post GPS coordinates on the map due to privacy concerns. 

For details about a particular cemetery, contact Historic Cemetery Preservation Specialist, Graham Perry.  THC does not keep detailed information about individual burials in most cases.

The Tennessee Historical Commission does NOT compile data regarding prehistoric and colonial-era Native American cemeteries.  This information is kept by the Tennessee Division of Archeology.


(The Tennessee Historical Commission has provided the information for the following sites for informational use.  THC does not officially endorse or recommend any of the following resources.)

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Paul Martin from Martin Archaeological Consulting using Ground Penetrating Radar to find the exact location of the Wolfe Family Cemetery in Goodlettsville. Photo courtesy of the Tennessee Historical Commission