Tennessee Ryan White Part B Program

Housing Program

Provides limited short-term assistance to support emergency, temporary, or transitional housing to enable a individual or family to gain or maintain outpatient/ambulatory health services. 


Corrections Navigation Program

Provide Linkage/navigation services to inmates living with HIV disease prior to release from prison to link the individual to medical care in the community upon release. 

Corrections Navigation Agencies

Minority AIDS Initiative Program

Conducts through health department personnel and funds through direct subcontractors, health education/risk reduction and outreach/education activities.


Ryan White Oral Health Program


The Ryan White Part B Program is partnering with Guardian Insurance to administer TN’s oral health insurance plan. This plan provides recipients with comprehensive oral health benefits, lower cost of oral health care services, access to a large network of Dentists. Tennessee Department of Health and United Way of Greater Nashville created processes for enrollment, eligibility, claims adjudication, tracking claims and balances. The Oral Health Program is available to eligible Ryan White individuals who have no dental coverage and currently reside in Part B regions of Tennessee.

Starting January 1, 2023, all adult TennCare members will have dental benefits. Adult members will now be able to see a dentist at no cost to them for all medically necessary, covered dental services, which consist of regular exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, crowns, and more.

If you think you might be eligible, please contact a Case Manager for your area

Guardian Providers

Policies and Procedures

Summary of Benefits | Spanish

Oral Health FAQs

Friends for Life contact information for dental assistance:
Valarie Mitchner, Client Services Manager (901) 333-8256
Erika Johnson, Client Services Coordinator (901) 333-8274

East Arkansas Family Health Center
900 N. 7th St.
West Memphis, AR. 72301
Additionally, EAFHC website address is www.eafhc.org.

Memphis Health Center- 360 EH Crump Blvd. Memphis, TN 38126
Main Number (901) 261-2000
Dental office (901) 261-2036

Aaron E. Henry Dental services are
Dr. Christopher Cathey Clarksdale Clinic (662) 624-2504
Dr. Betty Baptist Wilson Batesville Clinic (662) 563-1858

The Mobile Ministry of Dentistry
525 North Main Street
Suite A1
Memphis, TN 38105
(901) 443-4220 office
(901) 443-4247 fax


Vision Health Program

Vision Care services and how to locate providers near you.


Services and Policy