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Information from TN Dept of Health about the Ongoing Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Contact Tennessee Ryan White Part B Team

Ryan White Part B Contact Roster

Deputy Medical Director 615-532-9254
RWPB Director 615-741-0237
RWPD Assistant Director 615-532-6509
Quality Management Director 615-770-6930
Nurse consultant 615-532-8493
CAREWare/Rebate Coordinator 615-253-1522
HOPWA Director 615-532-7914
Medical Services Coordinator 615-532-2691
RWES Coordinator 615-253-4777
Reengagement Coordinator 615-532-8520
ADAP Coordinator 615-253-3937
MAI/Corrections/Housing Coordinator 615-532-3126
ADAP Director 615-532-2392
Oral Health Services Director 615-532-7188
Accountant 615-741-8903
RW Epidemiologist 615-253-4663