Tennessee Health Disparities Task Force

 To join the Tennessee Health Disparities Task Force and be added to the distribution list, email TDH.OFBCE@tn.gov

In April 2020, the Tennessee Department of Health's Division of Health Disparities Elimination launched the Tennessee Health Disparities Task Force to address the disproportionate number of individuals in minority and vulnerable communities contracting COVID-19. Members examined data, monitored trends and generated responsive solutions during the pandemic. 

The Health Disparities Task Force includes individuals from community and faith-based organizations, academia, health care providers and public health officials. As membership increased, priorities were established to focus on chronic diseases, mental health, infectious diseases and environmental justice.

Weekly meetings consist of various discussions, networking opportunities and presentations. 

Task Force Meeting Information

Meetings are held  weekly on Thursdays from 1:00 - 2:00 P.M. CT.

We are always looking to hear from our Health Disparities Task Force members! Do you want to make a presentation during a weekly meeting to highlight the work you are doing in the community? Is there a topic you would like covered during a presentation? Email us with your suggestions at TDH.OFBCE@tn.gov