Sevier County Stories

Terry Aparicio

Terry A.

How has COVID-19 impacted your personal and/or professional life?

My personal life is very lonely due to the isolation from others. Only my faith helps fill the void.

My professional life has been deeply affected by the severe consequences of the pandemic on the Hispanic families I serve. They include the following: lack of work, general help from the government, basic necessities not covered, lots of domestic violence issues, children having problems in school due to virtual classes, teenagers engaging in sex, drugs and alcohol abuse and lack of response from the school system.

Have you received the COVID-19 vaccine? If so, what and/or who was your inspiration or reason for receiving it?

I was strongly encouraged by my pulmonologist due to the fact that I have many pre-existing respiratory and immune system problems, and I was in the ICU with COVID-19 during the pandemic.